An average 1,800 square foot home will require between two and three tons of pellets for one burning season. Do check this loans by weguarantor

Wood pellets are sold in 40 lb. bags and can be purchased individually or sold by the ton. A ton of pellets can be stacked in an area as small as 4 feet wide, long, and high – an area of about half the space needed for a cord of wood.


Heating Pellets are an Efficient Energy Source

Standard grade pellet fuel (up to 3% ash content) is usually derived from materials which result in more residual ash, such as sawdust containing tree bark (which contains more impurities).

Premium grade pellet fuel (less than 1% ash content) is usually produced from hardwood or softwood sawdust containing no tree bark.

The ash content varies in premium fuels from about .3% for some western soft woods to about .7% for eastern hard woods. The less  ash content means you have more fuel per pellet. Check out san francisco maids for more information.

Premium pellets, which make up over 95% of our current pellet production, can generally be burned in stoves calling for either standard or premium fuel. Increased availability of standard fuel is anticipated as stove designs continue to improve ash tolerance.

Ash content determines fuel grade because of its role in maintenance frequency. Expect the heat content for a pound of premium pellets to range between 8,000 and 9,000 BTU per pound, depending on the species and region of the country. Check out ballmasters for more information.