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Grilling Pellets

Daizy Sweeps, Inc

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Sweetwood Blend (Maple-Beech-Cherry)

Mild combination of sweet woods – phenomenal flavor

Timberline Blend (Maple-Oak-Cherry)

Mellow smoke with a hint of fruity and sweet flavors

Pecan Blend

Real southern smoke flavor – amazing with poultry and ribs

(60% Red Oak, 40% Pecan)

Paris-Bordeaux (Rosemary & Thyme)

Savory, resinous flavor and aroma – a champion with poultry

Supreme Blend (Oak-Hickory-Cherry)

Superb dual-purpose blend for cooking and smoking

Mexican Heat (Red Pepper)

Finely ground hot pepper – exceptional choice with hamburger or brats

Mesquite Blend

Strong, spicy, southwest cooking favorite

(60% Red Oak, 40% Mesquite)

Competition Blend (Maple-Hickory-Cherry)

Our most popular blend – ideal for all food preparation

Fruitwood Blend

Mild, sweet, and fruity smoke flavor

(80% cherry, 20% apple)

Italian Spice (Garlic)

Rich flavor with a bit of a bite – used with meats, veggies, and breads

Hickory Blend

Especially good with beef, pork, poultry or game birds

(60% Red Oak, 40% Hickory)

Char Hickory

Unique blend producing traditional charcoal flavors

(80% Hickory, 20% Charcoal)

Apple Blend

Mild, sweet flavor – good with pork and smoked cheese

(60% Red Oak, 40% Apple)

100% Pecan

Strong, smooth, southern smoke flavor – an all-food favorite

100% Oak

Great heat source with less smoke – for burgers, pizza, and baking

100% Mesquite

Very bold and spicy flavor – excellent with beef, ribs, and chicken

100% Maple

Mild and sweet smoke – a standard for all foods

100% Hickory

Traditional BBQ favorite – good with beef, pork, or poultry

100% Cherry

Mild and fruity smoke – gives a beautiful rose color to all meats

100% Beech

Mild smoke – great choice with pork, fish, sausage and cheese

Beech is a variation of oak smoke flavor used heavily in Germany for fish. Beech is one of the woods of preference over which the famed Nuremberg Bratwurst are grilled.

100% Apple

Remarkable, sweet flavor and superb smoking choice – perfect with pork

100% Alder

A northwest favorite – great with fish, poultry, and lamb