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Grilling Pellets

$14  + tax for a 20 lb bag of BBQ Pellets
$18 + tax for 40 lb bag of BBQ Pellets.

Exceptional Services
for Your Chimney and Stove

Daizy Sweeps, Inc. provides quality chimney services. Whether it’s repairing a damaged chimney, removing a chimney that is no longer in use, cleaning a chimney to prevent a fire, or building a brand new fireplace and chimney, Daizy Sweeps does it all!

We supply and setup quality and efficient wood burning stoves and wood burning furnaces.

We supply the pellets to go with a pellet grill and horse bedding. Both are sold at a competitive price and are in stock 365 days a year! Learn more about us

Exceptional Services
for your Chimney and Stove

Call Daizy Sweeps Inc to keep your family warm this winter. From chimney cleaning and repairs to fireplace and pellet heater sales and services, we've got what you need to keep the cold at bay.